boneless fillet

boneless fillet
a fillet with the pin bones (q.v.) removed

Dictionary of ichthyology. 2009.

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  • Fillet (cut) — This article refers to the cut of meat. For other uses, see Fillet. A fillet (or filet) (pronEng|ˈfɪlɪt in British English and IPA|/fɨˈleɪ/ in American English), is a piece or slice of boneless cut of meat or fish.A slice of fish flesh of… …   Wikipedia

  • fillet — [fil′it; ] for n. 6 & vt. 2, usually [ fi lā′, fil′ā΄] n. [ME filet < OFr, dim. of fil: see FILE1] 1. a narrow band worn around the head as to hold the hair in place 2. a thin strip or band 3. FAIRING1 …   English World dictionary

  • fillet — ► NOUN 1) a fleshy boneless piece of meat from near the loins or the ribs of an animal. 2) a boned side of a fish. 3) a band or ribbon binding the hair. 4) Architecture a narrow flat band separating two mouldings. ► VERB (filleted, filleting) …   English terms dictionary

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  • fillet — /fil it/; usually /fi lay / for 1, 10, n. 1. Cookery. a. a boneless cut or slice of meat or fish, esp. the beef tenderloin. b. a piece of veal or other meat boned, rolled, and tied for roasting. 2. a narrow band of ribbon or the like worn around… …   Universalium

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  • fillet — I. noun also filet Etymology: Middle English filet, from Anglo French, diminutive of fil thread, from Latin filum more at file Date: 14th century 1. a ribbon or narrow strip of material used especially as a headband 2. a. a thin narrow strip of… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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